Wella Professionals

To develop in-direct communications to support on-going monthly campaigns that mirror consumer promotional activity.

Knitting it all together

In-direct channels for Wella (hair salons and wholesalers) represents an important route to market for all hairs products and as such is vital to the success of the brand. On a weekly basis Blacksheep co-ordinates the promotional activity for the creation and implement based on the promotional schedule, to ensure trade campaigns are correctly aligned to consumer lead activities.

This helps to maximise the cumulative effect of the campaigns and ensures the in-direct channel is aware and prepared for upcoming promotions.




Items Shown - Meet the flock

Media blog entry, education collateral, POS and trade flyer.


Raising the Baa

Since the appointment of Blacksheep the independent research conducted on Wella’s behalf into the indirect channels overall satisfaction has improved in the area of communications by 12% over the past 9 months.

Let’s Flock