As I’m sure you’ve heard GDPR will come into effect on the 24th of May this year. This will affect most businesses that have a website. If you have a contact form on your website you must now show a warning stating that their data will be recorded in order to reply to them. They have to tick a box in order to agree to this and the box must be un-ticked by default.

If any user data is used to send any marketing materials/newsletters or any other purpose than replying to their enquiry made on the form this must be stated in this declaration.



If you run a web shop you also need to show this warning during the ordering process

As most website owners will have similar requirements we have made a “will fit most websites” solution which we can apply to your website and can offer this to you at a fixed price of £100 +VAT

Note that we do not have a legal background and if you are unsure you should contact a law firm for proper legal advice – If you are required to do anything in addition to what we have outlined above we will be happy to provide a quote.

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