Ease of Access with User Journeys

User journeys maybe one of the most important aspects in 2018. We live in a century where people have an opinion on everything: apps, websites, Netflix, you name it. Most platforms these days come with a comment section or star rating. No matter what you’re putting on a digital interface, you know if its liked by your audience. Therefore, making a customers journey through your platform easy and comfortable is a priority.

Different interfaces will require a different series of steps, user journeys, than others. Online stores may require drop down boxes and certain tabs organising products, blogs may want to display recent articles headings on a homepage with links to specific pages, and information sites may see more of a benefit in a search bar and displaying ‘recent search’ information. Every site will be different.



User journeys cover a lot of ground, so where do you start? Here are a few steps to consider.


Step 1: User Behaviour

Understanding your customer’s behaviour is crucial when thinking about user journeys. Prioritising the most common links or searches on your platform can be beneficial to your audience. Analytics can be used to track what customers are searching for most on your site. Improving the access of this information can increase the audiences enjoyment and engagement with your platform. It may increase your customer foot traffic as well.


Step 2: Ease & Functionality

If your interface is difficult to use, no one will use it. It’s that simple.

Drawing on step one, your audience will have a goal or need of specific information. The easier that information is to access, the happier your audience will be. Look at how your platform is running currently and place yourself in your customers shoes. What’s on your home page? Does it relate to what a customer is looking for? How many steps does it take to get to a specific stage? Would you consider this an efficient process? These are a few questions that can be used as a jumping off point to evaluate what works and what needs improvement.


Step 3: Emotions

As stated, it’s becoming increasing easier for customer to express their emotions. Making sure a customer has a positive experience while navigating your interface is important as it can effect the success of your platform. Step two, for example, can have a huge impact on your customers emotions. If your interface is difficult to use, a customer can’t find the information they are after, or is constantly interrupted by pop up adverts, they have a negative impact on how they view your platform. This, unfortunately, can have a long lasting impression on an audience.

How is accessible is your platform?

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