Quantum Legal Costs Cover

To develop and launch a new insurance company within the ATE (after the event) insurance sector.

Knitting it all together

Following the brief, we developed the name Quantum Legal Costs Cover and created the logo and proposition which supported the concept of a new insurance business targeting legal (after the event) insurance. Following the development of the brand and the proposition, we created the website and various collateral material. After the successful launch, we moved into the next phase of raising brand awareness within the core target markets. We developed and launched a social media campaign, using targeted ads to engage with the audiences supported by email and landing pages.




Items Shown
Meet the Flock

Logo, Website, business cards, collateral material.


Raising the Baa

QLCC have successful entered into what is considered one of the toughest insurance sectors and has already, in its first 12 months, gained traction by winning a number of high profile contracts. We are now beginning to develop a broader awareness campaign which will be launched in 2018.

Let’s Flock