By combining our understanding of brands and seamlessly managing the integration of various marketing disciplines, we deliver consistent, quality creativity, and ultimately a service which goes beyond integration.


So, whatever your requirements, you can be sure that we have that special mix to give your brand a little lift…

  • Strategy & Branding
  • Traditional Print
  • Digital including web development/Online
  • Packaging
  • Social Media
  • Ambient Media
  • Experiential
  • Direct Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Conference & Exhibitions
  • Advertising
Steve Dale
Creative Director

Steve is our creative director and one of the founding partners of Blacksheep Create and I had the great pleasure of first meeting him a couple of years ago, when I was a client.


His creativity, hard work and drive were the things that first struck me about him, plus he also laughed at my jokes (which is no mean feat)


Over time I have come to appreciate that as well as being fun to work with he has an extraordinary knowledge of the digital space and I have yet to meet someone who has been able to marry the technical side with pure creative understanding.


I hope that you will experience Steve’s creativity first hand to understand I have undersold his skills!


What to watch out for when meeting Steve – Bad sheep puns! (indeed, any puns when I come to think about it)

Glenn Felton
Finance Director

Founding Partner at BlackSheep, Glenn Felton has been in the industry 35 years. He steers the ship and his attention to detail on projects large or small has helped us to get where we are today. If Glenn pop’s into the office, its normally because Steve has got too involved in the admin!

His door is always open for his staff or clients. A great understanding of ‘all things accounts’ & strives for perfection.

Jamie Wiltshire
Senior Designer

Jamie is one of those designers who has forgotten more than most of us will ever learn. He is able to manage multiple complex projects at the same time and doesn’t appear to break into a sweat or panic which is a life saver in our business.


He also has the dubious honour of being what can only be described as the ‘king of puns’, his one lines can either result in collective groans or eye watering laughter but sadly we have to put up with the dross to appreciate the gems.


Jamie is also something of a red wine connoisseur, so if you never need advice he is your man.

Leah Felton
UX Designer

Leah was one the first to join me at Blacksheep since then the flock has grown over the past 2 years as has Leah’s confidence and knowledge.


When it comes to delivering exceptional UX and design she can’t be faulted which is more than can be said for her love of reggae music which does sometimes leave us a little worried about her sanity.

Laura Wiltshire
Junior Creative

Laura is a new addition to Black Sheep in 2018. Spending most of her early life in education, she has quickly developed skills in design and marketing within Higher Education. Laura has drive, strong work ethic, and a creative mind. As new talent in this industry we hope she will continue to learn and develop her knowledge with us.


Laura has a passion for reading and writing, and will critically judge your choice in books. Following in her father footstep, she will crack a bad joke which is met with laughs or blank stares.

Let’s Flock